Jerusalem Vacation 4 U | Want an Affordable Holiday in Jerusalem? Try an apartment
JERUSALEM VACATION 4 U offers you amazing vacation apartments for rent in Jerusalem. The apartments are located in the heart of Jerusalem. Luxury apartments for short term rental. City Center Luxury Apartments.
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Want an Affordable Holiday in Jerusalem? Try an apartment

Planning a vacation to Jerusalem?  It’s a great place to visit, but how do you make your stay comfortable and economical?  Hotels are outrageous and you have to eat out every meal, adding to the expense.  Some hotels will rent a room for a week or two, but you still have to eat out.  One out of the box option is to rent an apartment.  You didn’t know there were short term rentals available?  They are great, let’s look at your options.


There are many reasons to rent an apartment in Jerusalem rather than stay in a hotel room.  Things like space, access to a kitchen, and privacy.

  • Space: The average hotel room is about 325 square feet.  This includes the bedroom and bathroom area.  There may be a small refrigerator and coffee pot, but no space for a real kitchen.  An apartment will have much more square footage because you rent the entire apartment.
  • Amenities: An apartment will have a bedroom and bathroom, like a hotel room, but also a full kitchen, living room, and sometimes a laundry area.  It is a nice change of pace to be able to cook your own meals while on vacation instead of having to rely on greasy fast food or expensive restaurants.
  • Family Friendly: Most hotels have nothing for the kids.  In an apartment, the kids can stretch out, play outside, and there may be games available.  Also, families can make meals and eat together in a full size kitchen complete with dishes and cookware.
  • Privacy: In hotels rooms, there are paper-thin walls.  You hear the television, or shower in neighboring rooms.  You may run into people going down the hall to get ice, or to the gym.  In an apartment, you have the whole place to yourself, and no one is going to complain about your television being too loud.
  • Cost: Although apartments in Jerusalem may be higher per night than a hotel room, you are getting a lot more space, a full kitchen, and privacy.

Where can you find an apartment in Jerusalem?  How do you know if the owner is reputable?  There are many websites available that will let you search for apartments for short-term use.  Google the words, “short term apartment rental in Jerusalem,” and you will get many places to book an apartment.  Do your research.  Check out amenities like location, location, and location.  Location is very important.  You want to be near the heart of the city so you can easily get to all the great things that Jerusalem has to offer, like Haram Al-Sharif (Temple Mount), Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Via Dolorosa, The Wailing Wall, and much more.  Because after all, that is why you are looking for an apartment in Jerusalem in the first place.  After finding the area you want, next look for

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Extras-airport pick-up service, parking, electric/water included, etc.
  • Cost
  • Host availability/friendliness

Jerusalem is a beautiful city full of a rich, cultural heritage.  It is a wonderful spot to visit and with these simple tips, you can have the vacation of a lifetime, enjoying the amenities of an apartment in Jerusalem.

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