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How to Find an Apartment for Your Vacation in Jerusalem for short term
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How to Find an Apartment for Your Vacation in Jerusalem

Renting a short term apartment for your vacation in Jerusalem is a great idea!

You have lots of space, a complete kitchen, and the feeling of home. But when there are so many advertisements for rental

apartments in Jerusalem, how do you know what to look for?

If you will do your research and think about these things, you can have a wonderful, relaxing trip.


1. Contract: Make sure there is a written contract or detailed reservation summary. Check it for

fees, deposits, and a refund if you are not satisfied. Many apartments for rent in Jerusalem are

used exclusively for rentals so things are set up to run smoothly. However, if you are renting

from a private individual, you may have to do a little research. Ask questions, check the

amenities, get pictures and understand what you’ll get before you send any money.


2. Location: Check out the location of your top two or three Jerusalem apartments. You want to

be near the most popular destinations like the City of David, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre,

Zion square and Mahne Yehuda Market. Jerusalem has great public light trains, which connect

all the interesting tourist sites. Get a map of your apartment’s location and choose one close to

the light train station or any other public transport you are intending to use during your trip.


3. Family friendly: If you have small children, make sure the holiday apartment in Jerusalem you

are renting has room and is “kid friendly” You don’t want to stay in a fancy, upscale apartment

full of antiques. Save that one for another trip with just the grown ups. What are the facilities,

and are there fees to use any of the apartment’s facilities. Is the apartment close to public

parks? Is there a washer available? You will save money on baggage fees by renting an

apartment for your vacation and packing fewer clothes. (Don’t forget to ask about laundry



4. Availability: Many popular vacation destinations fill up early. Make sure you book well ahead of

time to get the perfect Jerusalem vacation apartment for your needs. There are many

apartments with different amenities. Some are great for families. Some are more grown up

friendly, close to clubs, or with fancy furnishings- you can look for “Jerusalem boutique

apartments for rent.”


5. Amenities: Many Jerusalem apartment rental advertisements say “everything included,” but

you have to know what “everything” includes. Does it include electricity, water, gas, appliances,

and website/agent fees? Are towels and sheets included? Is the kitchen stocked with the basics

like pots/pans, dishes, spices, etc.? In this age of technology, you will also want to check on

television and internet service. If there is a television, what channels are available? Is there a

grocery store nearby? These are things you don’t tend to think about until you arrive at your

destination at night with hungry, tired kids to find out that you had to bring your own essentials.

If you follow these basic tips, you are on your way to finding your perfect Jerusalem vacation apartment,

where you will enjoy an exciting and stress free holiday in Jerusalem. You have done your homework,

checked out the details, amenities, and location. Now go enjoy your perfect Jerusalem holiday!

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