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Family Vacation in Jerusalem

If you are planning a family vacation in Jerusalem, there are things you should think about before you go so that you have a smooth, stress free vacation.

No one wants to have their vacation ruined by hungry,

grumpy kids, or stressed out parents. You must think about where to stay, what to see, and how to

balance learning about the rich history of Jerusalem and just plain, having fun.


Where to stay?

Where should you stay in Jerusalem? There are hotels, homes, and apartments. When you travel with

children, life becomes more complicated.

  •  There are great hotels in Jerusalem, but you have to deal with fidgety kids and nothing to do. Sure, there is the television and pool, but if you want to watch television, stay home. You are missing out on the beautiful, vibrant culture that is Jerusalem!
  •  A home for rent is a good option – you have space and privacy. However, it may be located in an inconvenient neighborhood, and you will want to be within walking distance of all of Jerusalem’s holy sites.
  •  A short term rental apartment in Jerusalem, may be the perfect compromise. You have the space of a home and the convenient location of an apartment complex, right in the heart of the city.


What to do?

After you have decided where to stay in Jerusalem, you have to plan your activities. You want to keep

the kids busy, but not tire them so much that they get cranky. There are many fun activities for kids in


  • For historical exploration, there is the City of David, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall, and the Dome of the Rock.
  •  There are museums all around Jerusalem. The Bloomfield Science Museum, Israel Museum, the First Jerusalem Railway Station, Tower of David Museum, and Davidson Archaeological Park.
  •  For plain old fun, there is the Tisch Family Biblical Zoo, Jerusalem Time Elevator (a cool “full – body experience movie”) the Mahane Yehuda Market, and there are great playgrounds all around the city.


Whether you choose to stay in the best hotel, or an amazing holiday apartment in Jerusalem, make sure you do not try to pack in too much fun into one day.

Try to visit a historical site or museum in the morning, then a “plain old fun” spot in the afternoon. It may be all your little ones can handle. And

don’t feel bad if you have to change plans. Be flexible and pay attention to the stress level of the kids.

Don’t forget meals! One advantage of using a short term apartment rental in Jerusalem is having a full

kitchen. Cook up the kids’ favorite breakfast before heading out, or remind them during a long day of

touring that you will all be heading back “home” for a relaxing night and their favorite dinner. It can be

as simple as burgers with macaroni and cheese. You will save a lot of money by not eating out 3 times a

day, plus, eating healthier will also keep the kids from having sugar meltdowns because you are not

trying to keep them happy with candy bars and sodas.

If you plan ahead, secure a great vacation rental in Jerusalem, and remain flexible, your family will have

a wonderful time and store up great memories.

Isn’t that what a family vacation is all about?

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